Dark Light Three

Dark Light Three

E-Book: Dark Light Three
Author: Sarah Jayne Carr, Christian A. Larsen, Shaun Meeks, L.D. Ricard, Jenna Pizzi, K.E. Robiscoe, William Rasmussen, Avalon Brantley, Dene Bebbington, A.A. Garrison, Zoe Adams, Erica Sim, Michael McGlasson, Justin Zipprich, S.J. McMillan, Jay R. Thurston, Linna Drehmel, Ryder Ataxia, Fred Waiss, W.B. Stickel, Ericka Kahler, J.T. Lewis, K.R. Helms, Jonathan D. Nichols, J.R. Roper, Greg Quinion, Anna Yeatts, K.R. Jordan
Rating: 4.39 of 5 stars
Format: Kindle Edition, First, 312 pages
Published: June 29th 2013 by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing
Language: English

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